Control centre technology for rail - bound public transport

Incident management, passenger information and monitoring of operations

Today, the passengers of public transport authorities may expect to be informed at any time and related to their actual location both while services are running normally and especially when they are not. To enable the operators in the control centre to take the correct actions quickly and reliably in case of an incident, they must always have an overview of the operational situation and be able to detect important events immediately.

PA-R-I-Ty-EFB provides situation-related support to the traffic dispatchers. When everything is running smoothly, a high degree of automation takes effect. The software not only predicts the arrival and departure times but also warns the dispatchers
of impending relocation of train crossings, failures to meet a connection, train standstills etc.


Advantages of PARITy-EFB

The major strength of PA-R-I-Ty-EFB is its access to inherent communication processes and services. The information can be spread using any communication medium (IP, GSM, 3G, radio etc.). As a consequence, the services offer integrated operational control procedures. Different technologies are controlled via the same user interface, unnoticed by the dispatcher. PARITy-EFB can read planning data. Usual interfaces, such as VDV, are used for this. Links to data distributors are possible and are established according to the requirements of their owners (VDV453 / VDV454).