Higher comfort and reliable travel information

Advanced Public Transport Management System (APTMS)

For the new «Rea Vaya» Express Bus Service of the Johannesburg Road Agency, Trapeze set up an Advanced Public Transport Management System, combined with passenger information. The project in South Africa‘s biggest city was started in the spring of 2009.

Three stages are  planned, named 1A, 1B and 1C. Stage 1A was successfully completed in December 2010, involving a total of 8 routes and 143 buses. Stage 1b with addional 133 buses has been completed in 2014. The infrastructure for the further stages is currently under construction.

The LIO control system also integrates third-party passenger information signs and improves passenger safety by virtue of video monitoring. If necessary, the system provides traffic signal pre-emption functionality, which enables the buses to travel on time in the heavy Johannesburg traffic.


The functionalities

  • LIO automatic vehicle location and control system AVLC
  • IBISplus on-board computers
  • GPS-based location
  • Voice and data communication via GSM/GPRS
  • Passenger information
  • Traffic signal pre-emption (TSP)
  • Transfer of video data (CCTV cameras)
  • Uploading software and data into the vehicles via wireless LAN (WLAN)


Das System auf einen Blick

  • Control centre: Currently 1 dispatcher workplace (more are planned), 1 info station, 1 data supply and/or statistics workplace
  • Radio system: GSM/GPRS
  • Vehicles: 143 buses
  • Depots: Currently one depot


Die Johannesburg Road Agency

The Advanced Public Transport Management System in Johannesburg is currently being installed and extended. It is for this reason, that the following numbers are constantly increasing: At the moment, the Johannesburg Road Agency has more than 143 «Rea Vaya» buses. With that, the company is currently serving 108 stops on 8 routes. The network is steadily expanding, meaning that the number of stops will rise dramatically in the coming months.

“We are proud to announce that in Johannesburg we have successfully installed the first ever Advanced Public Transport Management System on the African continent. The APTMS offers passengers of the new ‘Rea Vaya’ Express Bus Service a new level of comfort and reliable travel information.“

Ronald Salis, Project Manager, Questek Transit Technologies