Real-time passenger information for deviations from normal operations

Control system, passenger information and transfer protection

In 2001, Stadtwerke Ulm Verkehr GmbH (SWU Verkehr) commissioned Trapeze to implement an operations control system.

The LIO system not only permits clearly improved realtime information for the passengers using various information media. It also enables SWU Verkehr to offer significantly more protected transfers than in the past. To make more efficient use of the system, in 2009/2010 SWU Verkehr decided to equip all vehicles with modern IBISplus on-board computers by Trapeze, including 37 with the GPRS module.

Since 2010, SWU Verkehr has also been using Trapeze‘s Business Intelligence solution. This permits statistical evaluations and facilitates future planning.


The functionalities

  • AVLC system LIO (Automatic Vehicle Location and Control System)
  • Modern IBISplus on-board computers
  • Analogue radio (urban), GSM/GPRS (region)
  • ISAS2 statistics program
  • Real-time passenger information
  • Traffic light preemption 
  • Passenger counting
  • Transfer protection
  • GPS location
  • LIO-Data data supply
  • Loading the vehicles with software / data using WLAN
  • Business Intelligence


The system at a glance

  • Control centre: 1 dispatcher workstation, 2 data supply/statistics workstations
  • Radio system: Radio system with 3 base stations, 1 voice channel, 1 data channel
  • Vehicles: 61 buses, 10 tramways, 37 regional buses operated by subcontractors, 1 service vehicle
  • Dynamic passenger information: 50 SmartInfo stop signs with acoustic module
  • Depots: 1 depot equipped with WLAN
  • Software interfaces: Planning programs, depot management, ticketing system, passenger counting, DPI signs in the vehicles, sharing of real-time data with the multiagency, VDV interface to regional traffic Alb-Bodensee.


Die Stadtwerke Ulm Verkehr GmbH

Stadtwerke Ulm Verkehr GmbH and its subsidiaries have a workforce of 432 employees in the transport sector and carry approx. 33 million passengers each year. 14 bus lines, one tramway line and 7 night lines serve SWU Verkehr’s 247 stops.

“With the new control system from Trapeze, we can provide real-time passenger information when there are deviations from normal operations. Specific intervention on the part of the dispatchers also helps to considerably improve punctuality. Other positive points include automatic transfer protection and the clear layout for dispatchers.“ 

Bernd Strohm, Head of Operations Control, SWU Verkehr GmbH