Control system migration and enhancement

Control system migration and extension

In 2004 the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) transport authority commissioned an upgrade for their existing LIO-Classic control system. The soft migration option was decided on for the changeover to the new LIO system. This meant that control centre operation and all AVLC functions were largely unaffected and without major interruption.
During the course of the migration a further two contracts were added - providing the vehicles with the multifunctional displays (MFD) in 2008 and implementing an interface to the new depot management system the year after. The planned use of LIO demanded a comprehensive refit of the existing hardware, including the radio components. The earlier IBIS1 and IBIS2 on-board computers were replaced with the new IBISplus model, complete with GPS location. The analogue radio system was extended with GSM/GPRS and the depots were fi tted with wireless LAN.


The functionalities

  • LIO AVLC system
  • Analogue radio system
  • Modern on-board computers IBISplus
  • GPS location
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • LIO-Data, data supply
  • Planning programs DIVA (timetable compilation) and PERDIS (personnel planning)
  • ISAS2 statistics program
  • Reporting and analysis tool, Business Intelligence
  • Traffic light preemption
  • Link to the train tracking computer


The system at a glance

  • Control centre: 7 dispatcher workplaces, 5 service workplaces, 7 remote stationary info stations, 4 mobile info stations Radio system, Analogue radio with GSM/GPRS; Voice-over-IP
  • Vehicles: Approximately 445 owned (buses and rail vehicles); more than 60 sub-contractor buses Dynamic passenger information, 640 multifunctional displays in the light rail vehicles (8 Trapeze displays per train)
  • Integration of 330 stop signs (Lumino)
  • Depots: 8 owned; 14 vehicle depots run by sub-contractors
  • Software interfaces: Real-time interface for timetable information relating to the entire Stuttgart region (VVS-EFA, VDV454), Depot management system (VDV461)


Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB)

SSB employs a staff of approximately 2800 and operates a total of 56 bus routes, 14 tram lines as well as a rack railway. With their 500 or so vehicles they carry around 600,000 passengers on a day-to-day basis through the week.

“Thanks to the soft control system migration from LIO-Classic to LIO we had access to control centre operation and most AVLC functionalities without any major interruption. With the new multifunctional displays the system upgrade was extremely visible to our passengers and also very well received.“
Jürgen Lewandowicz, Project Manager, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG