Trapeze Crew App+

Trapeze Crew App+ is an extension to Trapeze Crew App.

With the new main features
the driver can:

  • Report delays in two clicks
  • Apply for holiday and time off
  • Register overtime
  • Report incidents (read more below)
  • See if he is on time – get continuous update on where the vehicle should be


the dispatcher can:

  • Push notifications to employees
  • Use the company logo in messages


Report incidents

The driver can report incidents as soon as they happen.
This way the workshop is notified about upcoming work and you have registered the basic information for later insurance preparation.


The driver can register the following on the spot:

  • Position (GPS location is recorded automatically)
  • Take photos and attach them to the case (max. 5 photos)
  • Place markers on a vehicle drawing for quick identification of the problem later on
  • Select causes from a list of causes

Vehicle and employee are pre-defined. When the driver takes over a vehicle, he can access a list of incidents previously recorded for that vehicle by other drivers.

Overview and maintenance of incidents takes place in Trapeze Duty Manager.

Employees are able to:

  • View their current shift plan
  • View important details about the individual shift
  • Register pre-attendance
  • Sign in and out
  • View the forthcoming shift plan
  • Continuously receive messages and information from the operations office
  • Receive notifications when there are new messages in the app
  • Accept shifts