Trapeze Rail System – Timetable Planning

Planning timetables to maximise capacity, assure connections and for resilience to disruption

The challenge

Timetable planning is becoming increasingly complicated. Planners are constantly under pressure to fit additional trains into busy schedules whilst at the same time maintaining connections and increasing punctuality. Timetables need to be adjusted to cope with  possessions scheduled for engineering work and unexpected incidents. Infrastructure provider planners need to negotiate with different Train and Freight Operating Companies for short and long-term changes to schedules. End users demand the rapid publication of  changed timetables and operating plans, and there are many down-stream systems relying on regularly updated information. The pressures of modern business demand a single business-wide timetable database and tools customised to support each organisation’s business processes.

Trapeze Group Rail’s solution

TrainPlan is Trapeze Groups Windows based train scheduling system which provides complete support to the railway operations planning process:

  • Quick and reliable train service scheduling using a geographical database and sectional running times for all train types in operation.
  • Validation of plans, including conflict detection and resolution and timetable robustness analysis
  • Short and long term planning, taking into account track possessions and blockages.
  • Preparation and publication of the operating plans to staff and customers

In brief

  • Advanced train timetable management and update
  • Powerful graphic and tabular displays with complete display of service schedule information
  • Advanced customisation to fit with existing business processes
  • Comprehensive reporting, printing, publishing and data export to downstream systems
  • Bid/offer support for infrastructure providers and train operating companies
  • Multi-user, multi-site system, using an Oracle® database
  • Access permission controls
  • Automated network conflict resolution (optional)
  • Integrated resource planning module – ResourcePlan (optional)
  • Advanced timetable robustness analysis module (optional)